Mixtiles Reviews: Is Mixtiles Legit? (Canada)

Mixtiles reviews paint a picture of a service that aims to turn digital memories into tangible wall art. Decorating walls, with photographs of memories has always been an idea. However traditional frames that permanently hang on walls may not be suitable for our paced and ever changing lifestyles. That’s where Mixtiles comes in. They provide a solution that not preserves memories in a form but also caters to modern preferences by being easy to use and adaptable, to changing decor styles.

What are Mixtiles?

Mixtiles offers a one of a kind service that brings your photos to life by transforming them into lightweight wall tiles. It provides a means to revive and display your cherished memories in a way. The convenience of Mixtiles lies in its user app or website allowing you to effortlessly upload your photos select a style and have them conveniently delivered to your doorstep as stunning wall tiles that are ready to hang.

Is Mixtiles Legit?

When it comes to shopping many people worry about whether a company’s trustworthy. However Mixtiles has received reviews from various sources, which clearly shows that they are a legitimate business that is committed to offering a distinctive and customized home decor solution. Additionally their transparent business practices and clear terms of service further confirm their legitimacy, in the market.

Mixtiles Reviews

Are Mixtiles Worth It?

The notion of worth is subjective, yet many Mixtiles reviews suggest that the service offers good value for money, especially for those looking to effortlessly personalize their living or working spaces. Many people often mention the user friendliness, high quality and excellent customer service as aspects that add value to Mixtiles.

Are Mixtiles Good Quality?

Preserving memories requires a focus, on quality and based on the feedback from Mixtiles reviews it is evident that the brand lives up to expectations. Customers frequently commend the clarity, accurate color reproduction and the luxurious texture of the tiles. The final product is a testament to their attention to detail and dedication, in creating an enduring high quality item.

Are Mixtiles Any Good?

The general consensus in Mixtiles reviews is positive. Customers appreciate the ease of installation, the aesthetic appeal, and the ability to choose from different styles to match their decor. The concept of transforming memories, into wall art seems to resonate with a lot of people which’s why Mixtiles is a popular choice, for printing modern day photos.

Are Mixtiles Expensive?

Compared to your photo frames or other wall decorations Mixtiles might seem a bit pricier. However, many Mixtiles reviews acknowledge the price as a reflection of its quality, convenience, and the unique adhesive technology that allows for easy sticking and resticking without wall damage.

How Much Do Mixtiles Cost?

The price of Mixtiles may differ depending on promotions or bulk discounts. Typically they are priced at, around $11 per tile. It’s important to mention that Mixtiles often provides discounts particularly when purchasing tiles, which can greatly decrease the cost, per tile.

Mixtiles Reviews

What Are Mixtiles Made Of?

The main component used in Mixtiles is a foam material that provides both durability and lightness to the tiles. This choice of material plays a role, in enabling effortless attachment, to walls without requiring nails or screws resulting in a hassle process that leaves walls undamaged.

Are Mixtiles Canvas?

Mixtiles offers a range of styles including one that resembles canvas. However it’s important to note that these tiles are not made from canvas material. The canvas style creates a textured aesthetic, for your photos imitating the timeless look of canvas prints while still being lightweight and hassle free to hang.

Are Mixtiles Made of Glass?

Mixtiles are designed to be safe and practical, for customers as mentioned in Mixtiles reviews. Unlike photo frames Mixtiles are not made of glass. This makes them lighter and easier to handle which is particularly beneficial for households, with children or pets.

Can Mixtiles Be Moved?

Certainly one of the advantages of Mixtiles is their flexibility, in terms of being relocated and readjusted. If you ever feel like altering your wall decoration you can simply peel off the Mixtiles from the wall. Securely restick them in a spot, without compromising their adhesive properties. This characteristic fosters. Enables an arrangement of wall decor.

Are Mixtiles Reusable?

The reusability of Mixtiles is one of its highlighted features in many Mixtiles reviews. Whether you’re reorganizing your display or relocating to a spot Mixtiles are created with the intention of being reused which makes them an eco friendly option, for individuals who enjoy updating their decor on a basis.

Are Mixtiles Restickable?

Definitely the adhesive technology used by Mixtiles allows you to stick and reposition the tiles times without them losing their grip. This ability to reposition the tiles is an advantage, for people who rent their homes or are cautious, about damaging their walls with holes.

Mixtiles Reviews

How to Hang Mixtiles?

Hanging Mixtiles is incredibly easy. When your tiles arrive all you have to do is remove the backing from the adhesive and firmly press them onto your wall. No tools or extra adhesive are necessary making the process simple and hassle free.

How to Remove Mixtiles from Wall?

Taking down Mixtiles is as simple, as hanging them up. To remove them gently peel them off the wall. The adhesive is designed to come off without leaving any residue or causing any damage, to the wall surface.

How to Make Mixtiles Stick Again?

If after a while your Mixtiles start to lose their stickiness you can easily restore their properties by applying double sided tape or adhesive strips. This straightforward solution will ensure that your Mixtiles remain beautifully displayed on your walls the way you want them to be.

Mixtiles Reviews

In a Mixtiles review 2022, the Mixtiles art photo tiles were revisited after an initial review in 2019. In 2019 the tiles weren’t that great, with problems like smudged ink and inaccurate colors. However in a review it was found that the Mixtiles website is easy to use and provides plenty of options for customization. On the downside the print quality of the tiles is just average.

The colors look a bit dull. The image resolution could be better. Each Mixtile comes with a plastic frame and sticky tape for hanging it on the wall. The frame itself is decently made,. Theres room for improvement, in terms of print quality. All Mixtiles art prints work well in informal spaces and offer a fun way to showcase your favorite snapshots.

Mixtiles Reviews

Mixtiles Reviews Reddit

There was a user named mariac5353 on the r/HomeDecorating subreddit who shared their experience with Mixtiles. They were really impressed, with how the product gave their gallery wall an uniform appearance. Another user, akara1001 also mentioned that they were satisfied with Mixtiles and found it easy to reposition the tiles on the wall without any problems. However when mariac5353 was asked if the pictures could be changed they clarified that it’s not possible to replace the images in Mixtiles. They also mentioned that the tiles are 8×8, in size and come in frame styles.

Mixtiles Reviews Mumsnet

On Mixtiles review Mumsnet, a user named sleeplessinsouthengland inquired about the quality of Mixtiles and whether the price of £11 per tile decreases when purchased in bulk. The user was also interested, in finding out if there were any discounts or voucher codes. Another user named Avebury recommended checking Mixtiles Facebook page, where they mentioned an offer of “buy 10 get 10 “

Key Takeaways

Inquiry, about Pricing; Mixtiles are priced at £11 per piece. Customers are wondering if there are any discounts, for buying in bulk.

Possible Deals; Mixtiles could have offers posted on their Facebook page like a deal where you buy 10 and get 10 for free.

Mixtiles Reviews Trustpilot

According to the reviews, on Trustpilot Mixtiles has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 based on 15,680 reviews. Customers have praised the tiles quality, ease of use and exceptional customer service. Here are some notable comments;

  1. One user mentioned experiencing some issues with their pictures and payment but they found the Mixtiles support team to be very helpful and highly recommend the products.
  2. Another customer initially had doubts about placing an order. Was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product and how clear the photos turned out.
  3. A loyal customer who has around 150 tiles shared their love for displaying them in their kitchen and bedroom. They spoke highly of both the product itself and the customer service.
  4. Some users noticed changes in the backing of the pictures with one mentioning that while they didn’t have any issues with the backing not damaging their walls they were unsure, about how the new magnetic backing would perform.
  5. Another satisfied customer appreciated both the shipping and high quality product. They specifically mentioned how easy it is to move and rearrange these tiles.
Mixtiles Reviews

Mixtiles Reviews Amazon

Mixtiles has received a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, on Amazon based on 51 ratings. Lets take a look, at some of the Mixtiles reviews;

Positive Feedback

  • Shamela Brock, a user who goes by the name Shamela Brock gave the tiles a 5 star rating. She specifically mentioned how durable the tiles are and how easy it is to design on the wall using them.
  • Theresa Lutz had nothing but praise for the tiles. She commended their simplicity when it comes to ordering and customizing and expressed her satisfaction, with the product.
  • Brian Newsom couldn’t. Highlight both the quality of the tiles and their speedy delivery. He emphasized how these tiles beautifully display travel photos truly enhancing their appeal.
  • Melissa McGowan was thoroughly pleased with the print quality of these tiles. She pointed out that the images look vibrant and sharp when printed on them. Melissa also appreciated the strip feature which allows for wall mounting without any damage caused.
  • KatieDevaneyFineArt had an experience with these tiles well. She was particularly amazed, by the quality of artwork displayed on them while also mentioning their lightweight sturdy nature.

Critical Feedback

  • A user named Family left a 3 star rating. Cautioned that if the tiles are left up for, than a year they may cause damage to the wall.
  • Mac H expressed disappointment with the quality of the tiles mentioning that they don’t stick well to walls and tend to fall off.
  • Malwina gave a 1 star rating. Shared an experience of the tiles damaging the walls when attempting to relocate them.
  • Robert S. Kerr criticized the lack of customer service specifically mentioning difficulties, in ordering replacement magnets and the issue of tiles falling off.
  • KFray noted that over time the stickiness of the tiles diminishes and found customer service in addressing this concern.

Do Mixtiles Damage Walls?

Many people worry about the harm to walls when it comes to decorating them. However, Mixtiles reviews often praise the product for being wall-friendly. The adhesive we use is powerful enough to keep things in place. Its also gentle so that it won’t damage the paint or leave behind any residue when removed.

Do Mixtiles Really Stick?

Yes, the adhesive utilized in Mixtiles is specifically designed to create an attachment, to the wall guaranteeing that your cherished photos remain securely in position. The dependability of the adhesive is an aspect often highlighted in Mixtiles reviews underscoring the brands dedication to delivering excellence and ensuring customer contentment.

Do Mixtiles Look Cheap?

Despite being lightweight and relatively inexpensive compared to traditional framing, many Mixtiles reviews affirm that Mixtiles exude a classy, high-end appearance. Mixtiles have an appearance, on your walls thanks, to their design and high quality printing.

Do Mixtiles Fall Off the Wall?

Mixtiles are designed with a quality backing so you won’t have to worry about them falling off easily. They stay securely in place until you choose to move them making them a dependable solution, for wall decor.

Will Mixtiles Stick to Textured Walls?

Mixtiles have a reputation, for sticking to types of walls. However walls with texture or roughness might present some difficulties. It’s advisable to make sure the wall surface is clean and dry prior, to applying Mixtiles in order to achieve adhesion.

Mixtiles Reviews

Do Mixtiles Work on Textured Walls?

The effectiveness of Mixtiles, on walls with textures may vary. Although they do stick to walls with some texture surfaces that are extremely textured or uneven could potentially impact their capability. It is recommended to test an area or reach out to Mixtiles customer service, for additional guidance if your walls have significant texturing.

Will Mixtiles Peel Paint?

One of the common praises in Mixtiles reviews is the ability of these tiles to be removed without peeling paint or leaving a residue. The adhesive technology utilized in Mixtiles is specifically engineered to adhere. Can be easily removed without causing any damage. This makes Mixtiles an ideal decor solution, for renters as it ensures a renter approach, to decorating.

Do Mixtiles Ruin Your Walls?

No Mixtiles are specifically designed to be safe, for your walls. They stick firmly in place. Can be easily removed without leaving any marks or causing any damage. This means you can display your memories without worrying about any long term consequences or the need, for fixtures.

Can Mixtiles Go on Wallpaper?

Yes you can safely apply Mixtiles on wallpaper without causing any harm. However it’s worth noting that the adherence may differ depending on the texture of the walls. To guarantee results it is recommended to ensure that the wallpaper surface is thoroughly clean and dry, before proceeding with applying Mixtiles.

Can Mixtiles Go in the Bathroom?

Mixtiles can be used in bathrooms although its worth considering that excessive moisture and humidity could potentially impact the adhesive over a period. To ensure their durability it is recommended to position them in ventilated areas.

Will Mixtiles Stick to Brick?

Attaching Mixtiles to a brick surface can pose a challenge because of its uneven texture. For results, in terms of both adherence and visual appeal it is recommended to stick Mixtiles on surfaces.

Mixtiles Reviews

Do Mixtiles Come in Different Sizes?

Mixtiles usually come in a size of 8×8 inches. Although there might be some variations, in dimensions or styles from time, to time the common size is 8×8 inches. This size ensures an harmonious appearance when arranged in a grid or other configurations.

What Size Are Mixtiles?

Mixtiles come in a size of 8×8 inches, which offers a visual presence while still being adaptable, to different wall spaces.

Does Mixtiles Have Different Sizes?

The predominant size offered is 8×8 inches, as noted in many Mixtiles reviews. However it’s always an idea to visit their website and see if they have any products or limited edition sizes that you might be interested, in.

Can Mixtiles Be Recycled?

The website of Mixtiles does not explicitly mention whether their products are recyclable. It is recommended to get in touch with Mixtiles or consult recycling facilities to find out the most suitable method of responsibly recycling or disposing of Mixtiles.

Can You Change Pictures in Mixtiles?

Mixtiles are meant to be a lasting print. Considering their price its definitely feasible to order new tiles and refresh your display.

What to Do with Old Mixtiles?

Used Mixtiles have the potential to be donated, repurposed or utilized creatively in art and decor endeavors. Additionally they can be given as keepsakes, to loved ones and cherish friends.

Mixtiles Reviews

How to Store Mixtiles When Moving?

When you’re moving it’s an idea to keep your Mixtiles in their packaging or, on a flat cushioned surface to avoid any potential damage. By keeping them separate and secure you can make sure they arrive at your home, in condition.

Does Mixtiles Work?

The simple answer is, yes. Mixtiles reviews often highlight the ease of use, quality of prints, and the innovative adhesive technology that allows for repositioning and resticking as key factors that contribute to the overall functionality and appeal of Mixtiles. The service lives up to its commitment of offering an visually appealing solution, for showcasing photos, which makes it a favored option, among customers.

Is Mixtiles Reliable?

When it comes to services reliability is of importance. Mixtiles has built a reputation, for being reliable in terms of both product quality and customer service. Many reviews about Mixtiles highlight the brands dedication to satisfying customers and ensuring delivery, which makes it a trusted option, for photo tiles.

Is Mixtiles Canadian?

Mixtiles may not be a Canadian based company. They have a global presence and their headquarters are located in the United States. Despite that they make sure to cater to customers and have expanded their services internationally allowing them to reach an audience, across the globe.

Is Mixtiles Available in Canada?

Certainly! Mixtiles is indeed accessible, in Canada. Canadian individuals can conveniently place their orders for Mixtiles via their website or app. Have them delivered right to their doorstep broadening the range of home decor options available, in Canada.

Is Mixtiles in the UK?

Yes, indeed! Mixtiles operates within the United Kingdom providing a platform for residents to effortlessly order their customized photo tiles and give their living spaces a remarkable transformation.

Does Mixtiles Ship to Canada?

Absolutely Mixtiles does ship to Canada so residents, in Canada can easily order their products. Beautifully enhance their living spaces with photo tiles.

Does Mixtiles Deliver in India?

Mixtiles has recently extended their delivery services to include India offering customers the convenience of ordering and experiencing Mixtiles products firsthand.

How Long Does Mixtiles Take to Deliver?

Delivery times may differ depending on the location and various factors. However as a rule Mixtiles strives to deliver your order within a days up, to a week so you won’t have to wait too long before you can start enjoying your new decor.

Does Mixtiles Accept Afterpay?

The payment methods offered by Mixtiles might be subject, to changes over time. Its recommended to visit their website to find the up to date information about payment options or reach out to their customer service for details, on whether they accept Afterpay.

Does Mixtiles Have Gold Frames?

Mixtiles provides a range of frame styles to accommodate preferences. Although their selection may vary it is probable that they include gold frames as part of their options appealing to individuals seeking a hint of sophistication.

Does Mixtiles Have Wood Frames?

Certainly! Mixtiles provides a range of wood frame styles, which adds a touch of charm, to your photo tiles. By offering the option, for wood frames customers have the flexibility to select a style that perfectly complements their existing decor.

Does Mixtiles Have Gift Cards?

Mixtiles provides the option of gift cards, which makes it a convenient choice, for giving presents on occasions or simply allowing loved ones to select their memories to showcase.

Do Mixtiles Gift Cards Expire?

You can find information, about the expiration dates of Mixtiles gift cards on their website. By getting in touch, with their customer service. It’s important to review the terms and conditions relate to these gift cards to make sure they are use within the timeframe.

Where to Buy Mixtiles?

You can buy Mixtiles directly from their website or app which offers a hassle convenient purchasing experience. The ordering process is design to be user friendly ensuring that buying Mixtiles is just as delightful, as receiving them.

Who Owns Mixtiles?

The ownership details of Mixtiles might not be accessible, to the public. Nevertheless it is evident that the company functions, with a team that works hard to guarantee customer happiness and provide a high quality product.

Who is the Actress on the Mixtiles Commercial?

The actress featured in the Mixtiles commercial may not be someone who is widely known or publicly revealed by Mixtiles. If you’re looking for information it might be best to contact Mixtiles or keep an eye on their social media platforms where they might share such details.

What is Better Than Mixtiles?

When it comes to choosing between Mixtiles and other photo tile services it really comes down to preference. There are options there such, as Shutterfly or CanvasPop that offer their own unique features and pricing, for photo tiles.

Which is Better Mixtiles or Shutterfly?

When deciding between Mixtiles and Shutterfly the final choice often boils down to preferences, pricing considerations and the specific products each platform offers. Both brands have their own set of advantages, and a thorough comparison based on personal needs and Mixtiles reviews might help in making an informed decision.

Why is Mixtiles So Expensive?

The cost of Mixtiles is a reflection of the quality, user friendly experience and innovative adhesive technology they utilize. Furthermore the added convenience of receiving a premium photo tile that’s ready to hang at your doorstep makes the price worthwhile, for numerous customers.

Will Mixtiles Restick?

Absolutely Mixtiles are specifically created to easily stick and restick giving you the flexibility to use them for home decor in an reusable manner. The fact that you can reposition Mixtiles without compromising their strength is a feature that adds tremendous value and convenience. This aspect has praised in reviews of Mixtiles well.

Final Thought

The journey through Mixtiles reviews reveals a spectrum of experiences that underline the brand’s efforts in bridging the gap between digital memories and physical display. Mixtiles is a solution, for people who want to add a touch to their living spaces. It offers both ease of use and flexibility allowing users to customize their surroundings with moments. However like any product there’s always room for improvement. Some reviews have pointed out the need for quality control.. As Mixtiles continues to grow and listen to its users feedback it truly showcases the spirit, in the home decor industry. It makes preserving and showcasing memories an effortless but significant endeavor.

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