Is Legit or Scam? What does Trustpilot and Reddit Say?

In the field of health and wellbeing there has been a lot of focus, on the importance of our gut microbiome. There is one company, that is frequently mentioned when discussing the potential of these microbes. But the question remains, is human microbes legit?

What are Human Microbes?

The human microbiome refers to the extensive group of microorganisms, such, as bacteria, viruses, archaea and fungi that live inside our bodies. These microorganisms are not passengers; they actually play a role in our overall health, metabolism and even our emotional state.

We call this community of microbes the gut microbiome. This complex ecosystem mainly resides in our system. Has a significant impact on every aspect of human health and growth. From aiding in digestion to regulating our systems response these microbes are vital, for our well being.

How do Microbes Benefit Humans?

There are advantages, to having a balanced and diverse gut microbiome;

  1. Digestion; These microorganisms help break down foods ensuring digestion and optimal absorption of nutrients.
  2. Protection; They create a barrier that defends against pathogens preventing infections and diseases.
  3. Mental Well being; Our gut health has an impact on our state through the gut brain connection. These microbes play a role in producing neurotransmitters that influence our mood and emotions.
  4. Immunity; A balanced microbiome supports an response safeguarding us against various illnesses.
  5. Metabolism; They have an impact on our metabolic rate. Contribute to weight management.
  6. Vitamin Production; Certain bacteria in the gut produce vitamins such as vitamin K and B vitamins.

Having a range of microorganisms, in the gut provides these benefits impacting aspects of our overall health and well being.

Is Human Microbes a Legit Company?

Human Microbes is an organization, in the field of research. They are more than a company; they operate as a platform that connects stool donors for FMT (Fecal Microbiota Transplants) and supports research efforts.

Their objective is straightforward; to locate the 0.1% of individuals with undisturbed and disease resistant microbiomes and establish connections, with the medical and research communities. Their dedication to quality, research integrity, and the well-being of both donors and recipients makes human microbes legit in its mission.

Is Human Legit?

As we explore the realm we frequently come across websites with different levels of credibility. However shines as a source. It serves as a hub, for information, resources and services aimed at advancing FMT (fecal microbiota transplantation) and our overall knowledge of the gut microbiome. The fact that they prioritize safety, effectiveness and scientific rigor further demonstrates their credibility.

Is Human Microbes org Legit Reddit?

Although the content doesn’t specifically mention humanmicrobes.orgs presence, on Reddit it is worth noting the platforms reputation within the medical community.

To gain an understanding of user reviews and discussions, on Reddit it would be best to explore the platform. Reddit, being a vast community-driven platform, can offer insights into whether human microbes legit discussions exist and the general sentiment around the topic.

Human Microbes Website Legit?

human microbes legit goes beyond being a website. It serves as a hub, for research valuable information and useful resources concerning the gut microbiome and FMT. Their dedication to linking stool donors with researchers and individuals in need along with their practices and stringent criteria clearly demonstrates their credibility, within this field.

Is Human Microbes a Legit Website?

Without a doubt is a website. Their steadfast commitment, to the field of FMT along with their perspective on research is clear, from their strict standards, worldwide outreach and unwavering dedication to scientific integrity.


If you’re interested, in becoming a donor you can explore the opportunities provided by They are actively searching for individuals who have gut microbiomes. The requirements are strict to ensure standards of quality and safety. However the potential impact of these donations is immense as they bring hope for groundbreaking treatments and advancements, in research.

Human Microbes org Reviews?

While the content doesn’t delve into specific reviews about, their dedication to the field, transparent operations, and commitment to both donors and recipients make human microbes legit in its endeavors. To gain an understanding of user reviews it is recommended to explore platforms and forums where individuals share their personal experiences.

Human Australia?

While their main concentration is, on the United States and Canada has a vision. They warmly welcome donors and recipients from all corners of the globe including Australia. This broad perspective demonstrates their dedication to promoting research, on gut microbiome and FMT on a level. Phone Number?

The About Us section, on offers an overview of the organization and its mission. Established by Michael Harrop in 2020 Human Microbes is a network dedicated to stool donation primarily focusing on the USA and Canada. However they welcome stool donors from around the world. Are open to global dry ice shipping when feasible. The organization is led by individuals and professionals who’re passionate about the microbiomes impact on health and well being.

  • If you have any inquiries or wish to get involved you can directly contact Michael Harrop via email at [email protected].
  • Furthermore for questions or comments feel free to reach out to [email protected].

Please note that due to the number of applications and messages they receive from stool donors there might be a delay, in their response time. They recommend whitelisting their domain in order to ensure that you don’t miss any follow up communication. Additionally they mention that if your question has already been addressed on their website it may not receive a response.

For purposes they have provided an address;

  • Human Microbes
  • 3870 La Sierra Avenue #1069 Riverside, CA 92505 USA Trustpilot?

human microbes legit has received a “rating, on Trustpilot achieving a score of 3.9 out of 5 based on 13 reviews. Users feedback showcases experiences;

  • Many users have commended the organization for its transparency the quality of donors and the positive impact of their products on health conditions like eczema, depression, anxiety and gut issues.
  • One user mentioned that Michael, who appears to be a figure at arranged for a donor who was superior in quality compared to FMT clinics they had visited. Another user valued the screening process that ensures trustworthy and high quality donors are accepted.
  • A user expressed frustration over attempts to communicate with the organization. They were eager to contribute and support the cause. Felt disappointed by the lack of responsiveness.
  • In response, to the review the company emphasized the importance of reading and processing information provided on their website and questionnaire. They explained that failing to do might result in missed follow up communication or unanswered queries that have already been addressed on their platform.

Is HumanMicrobes org a Real Website?

Absolutely is not authentic but a pioneer, in the field of microbiome research and FMT. Their dedication to pushing the boundaries of this field along with their standards and worldwide perspective establishes them as a regarded and dependable platform, in the realm of gut health investigation.

Is Human Microbes Stool Donation Real?

Donating stools through is a practice that has the potential to bring about changes, in the field of gut health. The process although it has requirements offers possibilities for innovative treatments, advancements, in research and a more profound comprehension of the human microbiome.

How Much do Human Microbes Donors Get Paid?

The article doesn’t go into detail about the payment, for stool donors. However considering the impact and strict requirements it is probable that offers compensation. To get information about the payment, requirements and the donation process, as a whole it would be best to engage with the platform.

Is it Hard To Qualify For Human Microbes?

Becoming a stool donor, for can be quite a challenge. Their strict criteria demonstrate their dedication to maintaining standards in terms of quality, safety and research integrity.

They are specifically looking for the 0.1% of individuals who possess undisturbed microbiomes. While the qualification process may be demanding it guarantees that the research and treatments conducted using these samples will be of the quality.

Human Stool Donor Questionnaire?

The stool donor questionnaire provided by is designed to assess the effectiveness and safety of individuals who wish to donate their stool. Here are some key details;

  • Security; The form complies with regulations ensuring that the data provided remains secure and private. However if results are sent via email there is a possibility that the email provider may have access, to it. To address this concern it is recommended to use an email provider.
  • Duration; It is estimated that completing the questionnaire will take 15 20 minutes.
  • Required Information; Before beginning individuals may need to consult their parents regarding their history, method of birth and duration of breastfeeding.
  • Objective; The main objective of the questionnaire is to ensure the safety and effectiveness of donors. Dishonesty or providing information is discouraged as it could result in donations or potential harm to recipients.
  • Questions; The questionnaire covers topics such as usage, physical activity patterns, dietary history, allergies and more. It also includes questions about stool consistency, frequency of bowel movements as experiences related to bloating or gas.

Accuracy and truthfulness are emphasized throughout the questionnaire since the answers play a role, in ensuring safety.

Final Thought

The term human microbes legit can be confidently associated with I greatly admire their commitment, to pushing the boundaries of FMT research along with their perspective on studying the microbiome. Their unwavering dedication to maintaining standards upholding research integrity and caring for both donors and recipients sets them apart as pioneers, in the field of gut health research.

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