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The Commission, on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) plays a role for nurses who want to pursue their profession, in the United States. With the increasing demand for healthcare professionals, understanding the CGFNS login process is crucial for foreign-trained nurses.

What is CGFNS?

CGFNS login

The abbreviation CGFNS stands for the Commission, on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools. It is a profit organization operating internationally with the aim of certifying and verifying nurses and healthcare professionals who have received their training, outside the United States. The main goal of CGFNS is to ensure that these professionals possess the qualifications to practice safely and efficiently within the United States.

What are CGFNS results?

The CGFNS outcomes pertain to the results of the CGFNS Qualifying Exam, which assesses a nurses comprehension and familiarity, with nursing practices as they are implemented in the United States. Successfully passing this examination is frequently a requirement for educated nurses to acquire licensure in states, within the United States.

How many questions are on the CGFNS exam?

The CGFNS examination usually includes a range of multiple choice queries designed to evaluate a nurses understanding in fields such, as surgical nursing, maternal infant nursing, pediatric nursing and psychiatric nursing. Although the exact number of questions may differ it is crucial to prepare oneself to handle all parts of the exam.

What are the requirements for CGFNS?

To obtain CGFNS certification you need to fulfill the criteria;

  1. Provide evidence of nursing education that’s, on par with the standards in the United States.
  2. Verify your nursing license from the country where you received your education.
  3. Successfully pass the CGFNS Qualifying Exam.
  4. Meet the requirement, for English language proficiency.

Which states require CGFNS?

In states, across the United States it is mandatory for nurses who have received their training, outside the country to acquire CGFNS certification before they can apply for licensure. This requirement reflects the significance of guaranteeing that trained nurses meet the high standards as their U.S. Counterparts.

Which state does not require CGFNS?

In states it may not be mandatory to obtain the CGFNS certification. However these states might have their evaluation criteria. Rely on alternative assessment programs. It is important to verify the requirements by contacting the Board of Nursing in that state.

Is CGFNS required in Canada?

No CGFNS is only applicable, in the United States. Canada has its assessment process, for educated nurses, which is overseen by the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS).

Can I take NCLEX without CGFNS?

The requirements vary depending on the state. In states trained nurses can take the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) without needing CGFNS certification beforehand. However, in states CGFNS certification is a prerequisite, before taking the NCLEX.

Can I make another CGFNS account?

Yes, if you encounter issues with your current account or need a separate account for any reason, you can create another CGFNS login. However it is important to verify the accuracy and consistency of your information across all applications.

Can I delete my CGFNS account?

If you have any questions, about your account it would be best to reach out to CGFNS. They will be able to assist you with deleting your account or addressing any related concerns you may have.

How can I contact CGFNS?

You can easily get in touch, with CGFNS by visiting their website. They have all the contact information, such, as phone numbers and email addresses available for you to reach out to them.

How can I get CES report from CGFNS?

The CGFNS Credentials Evaluation Service (CES) assesses the qualifications of nurses who have been educated internationally. To obtain this report, you need to apply through the CGFNS login portal and follow the provided instructions.

How long does CGFNS CES take?

The processing time, for a CES report may differ depending on factors, such as the thoroughness of the documents provided. Usually it takes anywhere, from a weeks to a couple of months.

Does CGFNS certificate expire?

Yes the CGFNS certificate does have a expiration date. It is important to make sure that your certificate is still valid and renew it when necessary.

What does CGFNS certification stand for?

The CGFNS certification signifies that a nurse who received their education internationally has met the standards to work in the United States.

How do I contact CGFNS Login by email?

You can get in touch, with CGFNS by sending them an email through their website. They have dedicated email addresses for inquiries to make sure that your concerns receive attention.

How do I contact CGFNS USA?

If nurses are interested, in practicing in the USA they can find contact information such as a phone number and address, on the website of CGFNS.

CGFNS login problem?

If you encounter problems with your CGFNS login, it’s recommended to reset your password or contact CGFNS support for assistance.

CGFNS login with ID?

When accessing the CGFNS login portal, to access your account you will usually require your user ID (or email address) and password. It is important to make sure that you enter the information.

How to create a CGFNS account?

Creating a CGFNS login account is straightforward. To get started you can visit the CGFNS website. From there you can easily find the registration section. Simply follow the instructions provided on the screen.

How to CGFNS Login?

CGFNS login
  1. To access your CGFNS account go to the website.
  2. Locate the login section.
  3. Once you find it enter your user ID and password to log in successfully. login

For direct access to the CGFNS login portal, you can visit and navigate to the login section.

CGFNS Connect Portal Login

To access the CGFNS Connect Portal, for applicants you can navigate to the link titled “CGFNS CONNECT (For Applicants).” This portal has been specifically created for individuals who’re, in the process of applying for CGFNS services. Login

The primary website, for CGFNS International can be found at By visiting this site you will have access, to a range of services, resources and information related to CGFNS.

Where to Send CGFNS Login Documents

The website offers a guide that outlines the step, by step procedure, for understanding and navigating through the CGFNS process.

Create a CGFNS Connect Account

CGFNS login
  1. Choose the service you need.
  2. Make your purchase. Complete your order.
  3. Proceed with requesting your documents to be submitted to CGFNS keeping in mind that specific instructions or the document submission address may be provided during the application process or, after logging into your account.
  4. The CGFNS team will evaluate your file. Send you the report or certificate.
  5. For information, on where to send your documents it is advisable to log into your CGFNS account or reach out to CGFNS directly for assistance.

CGFNS Credential Verification

CGFNS provides programs and services that focus on verifying credentials;

  1. Professional Credentials Evaluation Service
  2. Academic Credentials Evaluation Service
  3. Nursing Specialty Credentials Evaluation Service
  4. VisaScreen®; Assessment of Visa Credentials
  5. CGFNS Certification Program®
  6. Certified Global Nurse Consultant (CGNC)
  7. Credentials Verification Service, for New York State®
  8. Credentials Verification Service for the Nursing Council of New Zealand

To obtain information about each service please refer to the corresponding sections on the CGFNS website. Get in touch, with CGFNS directly.

Contact CGFNS Login

To reach out to CGFNS you can contact them at the following phone number; +215 222 84 54. Moreover they provide ways to get in touch and access resources on their website.

Final Thought

It is essential, for trained nurses who want to practice in the U.S. To have an understanding of the CGFNS process. To achieve this it is important to become familiar, with the requirements, exam details and CGFNS login procedures, you can navigate the certification process with confidence.

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